Hi everyone,

Beside the contest, we always experiments new technologies. Few month ago, we sourced few brushless motors and faced how we could drive them. Whereas those motors delivers an important torque and thus a better precision, the way they are driven is very different than brushed motors an...

The entire team of COGIP presents you its best wishes for 2018!

At the moment we publish little but it is because we work a lot!

We will come back soon with the fruit of our efforts.

COGIP team

Le réglement en version Beta pour la coupe de France de robotique 2018 est sorti ! Vous pourrez le trouver sur le site de la coupe.

Le thème sera Robot Cities. Les robots devront butiner des fleurs, gérer les eaux usées et l'alimentation en eau potable tout en construisant des batiments HQE.


Summary of the weekend

On this long weekend, we decided to meet for 3 days of robotics and good humor. There was much to be done in mechanics, electronics, and programming. But we have effectively advanced and to a little more than a month of the cup of France the essential bases for the homologat...